Crafting Corner Extravaganza

WIP: Tantive 4

Sunday, 22 June 2014 13:14

The game X-wing Miniatures is becoming a huge hit. I've played it a lot with friends. Basically it's a game with Star Wars were Rebels and Imperial spaceships take each other head-on.

These are made on scale with the lore and are extremely detailed. This brings me to the Tantive 4. A friend of mine ordered it via Miniature market and when it came we were disappointed with the paint job on this ship.

WIP: Miniature bookends

Sunday, 01 June 2014 11:54

First off, I have to give some mad props to the one who started making these, Garth Borovicka. Click here to view some of his fantastic work!

So I started out with a large piece of wood. This was salvaged from an old wooden beam used in a farmer house. The wood had been partial eaten by wood-worms, they're all dead now, hench it had to be removed. In any case I sawed out a piece and made that my base. I sanded down two sides to a smooth finish. Just the other day I bought this small sandpaper holder, extremely useful! Having sanded them down I gave it nice red-oak stain, applied two layers and finished it off with a layer of glossy varnish. This way the stain wood really looked and felt smooth. Onto the modelling!

Reaper Bones: Griffin

Sunday, 22 December 2013 13:12

A couple of friends ordered a large section of the Reaper Bones of last year. It came with over 200 models, including this griffin. While I've been working on our party members for our regular Pathfinder sessions I recently started painting the npc's. Zombies, skeletons and more frightening opponents like a hellhound and beholder. I'll be uploading more of these npc's and I finish them. For now enjoy the griffin!